Three Brief Scene Descriptions from BATMAN V SUPERMAN

by Joey Paur

Thanks to EW’s special San Diego Comic-Con issue, we have some more details to share with you from Zack Snyder‘s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. They provide a brief description of three scenes from the film. They aren’t very detailed, but they do offer some additional story insight.

The first is set in Wayne Manor, which has been described as a “derelict husk” with “strewn leaves across the floor.”

Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and his loyal butler, Alred (Jeremy Irons), are gravely intoning their lines into a burned-out fireplace, as Bruce prepares for his Valley of Elah moment with Superman. The billionaire vigilante appears weary but determined, not unlike the actor portraying him.

The second offers a few more details on the highly anticipated fight scene between Batman and the Man of Steel (Henry Cavill). They are apparently going to cause even more damage to the city.

In his editing suite in Pasadena last month, Snyder showed off early passes of the money sequence, a rainy rooftop battle between the two capes. There’s an undeniable thrill to watching these pop culture icons go at it–throwing each other through walls and skylights.

The third description focuses on Batman’s motivation for taking on Superman in the film. He and Alfred discuss the implications of taking him on.

Snyder also reveals a scene in the Batcave where Bruce Wayne outlines his motivations to a skeptical Alfred, a bit of realpolitik reasoning that weighs the morality of a preemptive strike on Superman against even the minimal chance of humanity’s destruction.


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