Justice League: Civil War? How Would Marvel’s Biggest Battle Play Out in DC?

by James Ewart



So the hype of the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ trailer is starting to die down just a LITTLE bit, and everybody’s talking about how it will compare against ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’. But a thought crossed my mind that got me thinking; what if DC comics had a similar situation?

We do see something like that in the video game ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ and in the comic book spinoff series of the same name, but that took place in another universe. Now the point I’m trying to get across is what would happen if a registration act came to pass in DC Comics, and who would be on which side.

So, here’s a shot in the dark at what would happen if DC Comics superheroes had to register.



Although he’s more likely to stay neutral, I think Superman would be leaning more towards the pro side. After all, he wants to help people cooperate with governments, and if a new law is the best way to go, then he’ll agree to it. The only problem for he is that he’ll have to reveal his true identity to the world.

Wonder Woman

Being the Princess of a mystical island, Wonder Woman will agree to this albeit with loopholes. Her nation is VERY protective of their sovereignty and they’re not just simply say “yes” unless some conditions, that allow them to continue with their way of life, are applied.


Victor “Vic” Stone has had cybernetic prosthetics his entire life so everybody already knows who he is. If he was told to capture some anti-registration superheroes, he’d do it because he’ll believe it’s fair that everybody’s true identity should be revealed.


A similar deal with Wonder Woman, Aquaman would make sure that conditions are in place so that Atlantis keeps its sovereignty. The King of Atlantis has already revealed his true self to the world before, so a law that has everybody do the same wouldn’t mean a difference to him.



Bruce Wayne has been protective about his Batman secret from the start, he’s sure to butt heads with Superman over this issue unless Supes decides to go neutral. Whatever the case, Batman is going to be the face of the revolution.

Green Arrow

Oliver Queen has definitely done some things in life he is not proud of, and to come out as the vigilante known as the Green Arrow could damage his public image and possibly have him end up in prison.

The Flash (Barry Allen)

As seen in the comics and the TV show, Barry has slowly let his friends know one by one about who he really is, and if an act were to pass that changed that, he’d be voicing opinion faster than he can run. With all the metahumans running about Central City, The Flash will not want Iris, Joe, and everybody else he cares about, to constantly be on the run because he is forced to reveal his identity.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Hal is another hero who doesn’t want the ones he loves and cares about to get involved with whatever plan a nemesis might want to execute against him. Other Green Lanterns may see this as peace between superheroes and the public, Hal sees this as a way for bad guys to attack when least expected.

Those are my guesses, keep in mind this all speculation, I could be waaaayy off or have a decent idea of what would go down. Either way, still excited for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and ‘Captain America: Civil War’, and for being their own movies.


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