There’s a PlayStation messaging app for your phone now

by Mat Smith


In a world of WhatsApp, Line, SMS, Facebook Messenger and all the rest we can’t fit into an intro paragraph, there’s a space for very specific messenger apps. Maybe. Sony’s launched a companion companion PlayStation app, available now on iOS and Android, that lets you talk to anyone on your PSN friends list. PlayStation Messages does only that — you’ll need the full PlayStation app to explore new releases, PS4 news and anything to do with your PSN account. However, like Facebook and its messenger app, you’ll be able to jump between your PS apps through tabs — all message-based functions are in this new app. Useful features include the ability to see who’s already online at a glance (before you’re even home and warming up your PS4), as well as being able to send voice messages, as well as text and stickers, to friends or groups of up to 100 players. And if you’re looking for more game-messaging options, there’s also thatdedicated Twitch messaging app. Spoilt for choice.


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