Turn your iPhone into a Super 8 camera

by David Pierini

The Luminati CS1 is a case for the iPhone 6 that brings the design practicality of a Super 8 movie camera to your filmmaking.

The iPhone is the gold standard for modern design – and that sometimes gets in the way of some of its amazing functions.

Take photo and video. Even the most serious photographers and filmmakers can create high art with an iPhone, but conventional cameras, no matter how clunky they seem today, were designed with grip and stability that is missing from an iPhone.

A startup company has created an iPhone 6 case that converts the iPhone into a retro-looking handheld movie camera, complete with cinematic lenses, a viewfinder, film trigger and a mount for mics and lights.

The iPhone 6 loads like a film cartridge and the viewfinder blocks the sun while allowing the user to see what the phone sees.

The Luminati CS1 is now on Kickstarter starting at $199 for early backers of the $75,000 campaign. The case comes with a wide angle lens. Higher pledges will include additional lenses and other accessories.

As far as filmmaking goes, the iPhone’s “ergonomics are just all wrong,” Luminati CEO Scott McDonald told Fast Company Magazine. “We are familiar with the dreaded vertical video that phones encourage. We are on a mission to stop that.”

An iPhone 6 pops into the CS1 like a film cartridge and a mirror system in the chassis allows the user to see what the phone sees through a viewfinder that blocks the sun. An app allows filmmakers to manually control focus and exposure.

A companion app allows iPhone filmmakers to control exposure and focus.


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