PRISON BREAK Is Also Getting a Limited Series at Fox

by Joey Paur

It looks like Prison Break is the next show to get a limited series. According to  Fox is developing a revival of the show that would bring back stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Durcell, who recently reunited for The Flash series on The CW. They are also set to star in Legends of Tomorrow for the network.

Prison Break isn’t a done deal yet, but if it happens, the network is looking to give it about a dozen episodes, just like last year’s 24: Live Another Day. It will also feature a closed-ended storyline. In a previous interview with E! News, Miller talked about planting the idea at Fox:

“We actually floated the idea to Fox very casually and they seemed very not casual about this interest. They seemed to think there was something there.”

Well, Fox certainly seems to be seriously entertaining the idea, as they are currently in the process of developing it. I enjoyed the series when it was on the air, and I think it would be fun to resist. I have no idea where they would take the story for a limited-series, but I’m sure they’ll come up with something fun. Miller explains the potential of it:

“To go back and do something like we did at the end of season four, where there were those two standalone episodes were Sarah was in trouble; it was like a hidden chapter, we didn’t know this, but we’re going to share this with you, wouldn’t it be cool to go back and layer one of those things in. Like another standalone chapter, this is what you didn’t see before. Or a where are they now, it’s five years later, limited series kind of thing. I think that’d be really cool.”



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